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17 Stunning Reasons The Rest Of Canada Is Jealous Of The West Coast

West Coast = Best Coast.

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1. Because in Victoria, British Columbia, you could be running your toes through the sand (while the rest of Canada is still probably in winter boots).

Instagram: @jadejustjade

2. And you could be walking through a fairyland of cherry blossoms in Vancouver.

3. Like, this could be your street.

4. You could be catching a glorious sunset at English Bay.

Instagram: @livingarichlife

5. Or ending the day somewhere a little more gorgeously remote.

Instagram: @livingarichlife

6. You could be paddle boarding in Tofino.

Instagram: @en__vadrouille

7. Or taking a stroll with your best friend.

8. You could be hiking in an actual enchanted forest.

Instagram: @jdrober

9. And watching orcas frolic in their natural habitat.

10. While witnessing something totally amazing.

Instagram: @salty_towers

11. You could be having a magical springtime picnic in Beacon Hill Park.

Instagram: @mpattersonobrien

12. Or taking a rainforest stroll through Stanley Park.

Instagram: @rafancouver

13. You could be spending a leisurely Saturday afternoon checking out the sights at Victoria's Inner Harbour.

14. Or checking out their funky architecture on the streets.

15. Your Saturday nights can become all-the-more vibrant dining in Gastown.

Instagram: @shawnduddridge

16. Or watching the sailboats in the evening at Cadboro Bay.

Instagram: @chelseathegreat

17. But more than anything, you could be soaking in the lush, radiant spring days ~ALREADY~.

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Like, it's green and warm and ACTUAL SPRING in BC.