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    Posted on Sep. 18, 2015

    The 21 Most Alberta Things Ever

    You be you, Alberta.

    1. When this car got its cowboy on.

    2. When Vulcan totally embraced its sci-fi connection.

    3. When this sweatshirt said it all.

    4. When a regular trailer just obviously wouldn't do.

    5. Just in general, normal-sized trucks are definitely out of the question.

    6. When this sign warned unsuspecting people to watch out for crossing unicorns.

    7. When unicorn crossings weren't the only concern, and people also had to be warned not to ride the dinosaurs.

    8. Only to have to deal with cows — NOT unicorns — blocking the road.

    9. But really, when cows were just menaces on the streets.

    10. When this hay bale became a minion.

    11. When spring refused to come and people just decided to declare it anyway.

    12. And wear flip flops — whatever the weather. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    13. When this gorilla erupted from the back of this truck.

    14. When this sale made everyone feel even better about the economy.

    15. When employers were totally ready to reward hard work.

    16. When even the bandaids were for cowboys.

    17. This case of law-enforcement creativity.

    18. When THIS Play-Doh set was actually something you could buy.

    19. And when THESE rings were also actually something you could buy.

    20. When even Taber couldn't resist.

    21. And finally, when this truck left no room for argument.

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