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The 5 Official Stages Of Canadians Accepting That Winter Is Coming

Recognizing the stages is the first step towards spring.

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Halloween is over, and for Canadians this means one thing: Winter is coming.

(Unfortunately for some poor souls, it's already here.)

And you might recognize these common stages of accepting that winter is, in fact, on the snowy horizon.

Stage 1: Denial.

When you refuse to accept the the fluffy white stuff on the ground is snow. You may experience delusional fantasies where you think it's actually just the powder white sand of a tropical beach.

Side effects may include wearing summer clothing in freezing temperatures.

In some extreme cases, frostbite to delicate areas may occur.

@choicefm #SnowInShorts #shortsinsnow @Corriiigan

(No, but all jokes aside, guys, STOP THIS BEHAVIOUR.)


Stage 2: Anger

Winter will have us like... #canadianwinter #winter #canada #itscoming #winteriscoming #ontario #funny

When you can no longer ignore the -30° WITHOUT WINDCHILL weather and the copious amounts of snow on the ground and you are filled with rage towards the Canadian weather gods.

I hate you Winter!!!! I hate your endless, cold, snowing, refusing to leave ignorant self!!!!! Beat it!!!!!!!!! #winterrage #vitamindstat

Oh stop!!! Just, Stop, Frigging, SNOWING!!!!! #WinterRage

Stage 3: Bargaining

If I pray hard enough will the snow go away #pleasesnowgoaway

When you'll do anything to keep the winter weather at bay. You begin to negotiate with the weather gods.


And you start to make outlandish wishes.

Stage 5: Acceptance.

Every day without a parka is a victory! #canadianwinter

When you give in to the long cold days, going to AND leaving work in the dark, frostbitten noses and numb toes, scraping ice off your windshield, and every other delightful nugget winter has to offer.

This is it. It's happening.

Better look on the bright side.


Like the conveniences of the season ...

Welcome to #WinterInCanada where owning a freezer is optional.

...Finding happiness in the little things...

...And, of course, selecting the perfect winter outfit.