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18 Secrets Your Canadian Friends Won't Tell You

Gather 'round, Americans.

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1. We don't understand American healthcare.

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When we get sick, the majority of us go to the doctor. THE END. Having to pay for doctor visits OR not being able to pay for certain imperative treatment for yourself or a loved one is mind-boggling.

Like, this is actually it.

Like, this is actually it.

2. We are, however, jealous of your shockingly low liquor prices.

Instagram: @royal_bev_marketing

This is exacerbated at the moment by the fact that the Canadian dollar is slowly becoming Monopoly money.

3. AND your house prices (barring New York and LA, of course).

It makes watching House Hunters infuriating.

It makes watching House Hunters infuriating.

4. We watch your politics with almost as much curiosity as we do our own. (Or more, in some cases.)

Instagram: @_kirtgonbang_

Right now, we're just kind of waiting for someone to yell "April Fools!"

5. We put sugar in our iced tea.

Instagram: @mrlewburger

And it's delicious. WHY in the world would you want to drink bitter, cold tea?

6. Not everyone here loves Tim Hortons... but most of us do.

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It's embedded into our culture, in part to clever marketing. It's a brand we've owned as our own and it will always be Canadian.

7. It's a bit crazy to us that you don't put gravy on your fries.

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And we get weird looks from American servers when we try to order it in the States.

8. Yes, we find winter COLD AF too...

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9. Shipping and custom charges are the bane of every Canadian online shopper.

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10. We are fiercely protective over our Canadian stars.

Instagram: @people__choice

Like, when they come up in any conversation with a non-Canadian, we'll be like, "Ohhh, did you know [insert Canadian star] is Canadian!???"

11. Canadians are in A LOT of your movies.

Instagram: @klaudiia_lpz

As extras! Tons of American blockbusters are filmed here, and extras are often cast locally. Crews are also usually made up of local talent.

12. We get excited when Canada is mentioned on an American TV show.

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And then just a little bit upset when we realized we're being mocked.

13. Kinder Surprises are delicious and awesome and have toys inside of them. Wish you knew.

Instagram: @ninavila_m

Sorry they aren't allowed in your country :(

14. All Dressed chips are an unidentifiable flavour — even to us.

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But delicious nonetheless!

15. Don't laugh, but we're kind of scared of Canada Geese.

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Because they can actually be pretty vicious.

16. Our passport is having a secret party.

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And you may have never known.

17. We actually do roll maple syrup on the snow and eat it on sticks.

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Because we do need to live up to our stereotypes sometimes.

18. And lastly, even though we aren't always very loud about it, we are very patriotic.

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