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    15 Funny Tweets About What Canada Thinks Of The US Right Now

    Are you guys OK down there?

    1. On this general plea:

    Ok America, I'm starting to get really scared about your Trump thing. Now stahp! - Kindly, little sis Canada.

    2. On trips down south:

    First day being in the states and I already hate it. I love Canada too much for this. It smells like Donald trump in the air.

    3. On the soon-to-be formed 'Murica Watch:

    Watching the presidential race in the States makes me wonder if Trump was right about the wall. Canada may need one, Game of Thrones style.

    4. On seizing opportunity:

    & I will help you #buy a place! 😉 #Murica #Canada #Realtor #RealEstate #REMAX

    5. On the simple truth:

    I'd like to thank the States for never failing to reassure me how great Canada is

    6. On being proud to be Canadian:

    "Why are you so smiley" "Idk I'm Canadian" "That makes sense id be smiling if I was from Canada right now too" #murica

    7. On the neighbour downstairs:


    8. On new Canadians:

    July 3rd: America's a crazy corrupt country I hate it July 4th: GOD BLESS MURICA #PATRIOTISM July 5th: *packs bag & buys ticket to Canada*

    9. On Canada as the promised land:

    Happy murica day friends. Now that I got that out of the way, please let me into your country Canada. I promise I won't eat all the syrup.

    10. Like seriously, the #CanadianDream:

    My parents to me - "we moved to America for a better life for you" Me to my future kids - "we moved to Canada for a better life for you"

    11. The general consensus:

    Hey America, If it's not too much trouble, could you please maybe get your fucking shit together? Sincerely, Canada p.s. Sorry.

    12. On recognizing our own ~faults~:

    america is a fucking problematic mess while the only wrong thing canada does is put milk in bags

    13. On keeping an eye towards the future:

    Canada is eagerly awaiting what will move into America's space once it goes out of business.

    14. On Canadian/American relations:

    Canada is friends with America in the same way that a group of girls keeps that one friend around just so that they look great in comparison

    15. And finally, on what might have to happen if Trump wins:

    @ColMorrisDavis Dear America, we like you as a friend & neighbour, but we're doing this. Sincerely, #Canada

    But actually, we're keeping you in our thoughts, 'Murica.