29 Signs It's Stampede Week In Calgary


    You've been counting down the days and it's here! IT'S FINALLY HERE! STAMPEDE WEEK!

    And you know it's Stampede Week when:

    1. Horses casually appear in the middle of downtown.

    2. Your office's decor starts to feature bales of hay and wagon wheels.

    3. You've walked through the mall and there's been a "Stampede Fashion" display.

    4. You've eaten pancakes every day for a week.

    5. Because you're never far from a Stampede Breakfast.

    6. You've sorted through your closet for anything remotely "western" looking.

    7. Or you've gone legit and treated yourself to some brand new cowboy boots.

    8. Local morning shows have segments about how to wear flannel shirts.

    9. Calgary businesses have gone all "western-themed".

    10. Stores play ONLY country music the entire week.

    11. This reminder is actually needed.

    12. Howdy and Yaaahooo! are just part of the daily vernacular.

    13. Your friends start dressing their babies like mini-cowboys because "you can't start them too young".

    14. "It's Stampede week" is a completely legitimate reason as to why nothing's being done at work.

    15. Not only is it acceptable to wear jeans to work, you pretty much HAVE TO wear jeans to work.

    16. It's the only time of the year that it's okay to tuck your shirt into your jeans—but only if you have a sweet belt buckle.

    17. The Midway is basically the same every year and you still feel a swoosh of excitement at the sight of it.

    18. And you have a yearly goal to try to time it perfectly so that you're on the top of the ferris wheel when the fireworks start.

    19. White tents are suddenly called "saloons".

    20. You've tried to ride the mechanical bull after one-too-many shots of Jack Daniels.

    21. Your Instagram feed looks like this:

    22. You've eaten an undefinable amount of mini doughnuts.

    23. AND you've eaten a turkey leg.

    24. AND some delicious concoction you will ONLY find on the Midway.

    25. You've had some surprisingly deep conversations with random Calgarians after you leave the Cowboys tent.

    26. You've been involved in some kind of line dance.

    27. And you've tried to two-step...when you don't know how to two-step.

    28. You've paid exorbitant amounts to get into Nashville North.


    Happy Stampede!