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    34 Things Canadian Parents Say That Are All Too Real

    "Where's your other mitt?"

    1. "I don't know why Caillou is bald."

    Treehouse TV

    2. "But I did draw you Napkin Man! Just use a little more imagination!"

    3. "Do you need to go potty before we get your snowsuit on?"

    4. "NO! Let me take your snowsuit off BEFORE you peepee!!!"

    5. "Yes, you need to wear a tuque."

    6. "Where's your other mitt?"

    (Protip for parents: Mitten Clippers)

    7. "How did you get snow IN your boots?!"

    8. "Can you please put your boot inserts on the vent to dry?"

    9. "Yes! It's -8 degrees – we're spending this beautiful day outside."

    10. "Not all snowmen have a carrot for a nose. Here, let's try this wine cork instead."

    11. "Yes, we're going to the cottage this weekend. No, you can't bring Mr. Fox, Furry Pants, Elephanty, Doggie, Feathers, and Lou-Lou with you."

    12. "Mommy just needs to stop at Tim Hortons first."

    Flickr: bebot / Via Creative Commons

    13. "Do you want anything? Like, a maple glazed or Boston cream doughnut for the car ride?"

    14. "You can't have an Iced Capp yet. I don't care if you're 6 years and three quarters."

    15. "No, we can't order that Iron Man toy from Amazon. The shipping costs more than you."

    16. "Are you sure you want All Dressed? You said it burned your tongue last time."

    Flickr: 41751012@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    17. "Happy Easter! Mommy will help put together your Kinder Surprise toy... she just needs to eat through this annoying, in-the-way chocolate first."

    18. "Let's YouTube Mr. Dressup."

    19. "No, we aren't getting a dog so you can play 'real life Paw Patrol.'"

    20. "That show isn't on Canadian Netflix."

    21. "No, I don't know how to change the DSN codes."

    22. "OK, I do know how but I'm not doing it! That's illegal."

    23. "Do you want a ketchup smiley on your KD?"

    Flickr: jlatimer / Via Creative Commons

    24. "The blue Smarties taste just like the red Smarties."

    25. "Then you eat the red ones and give your brother the blue ones!"

    26. "Skates are supposed to be tight on your ankles."

    27. "Take off your sister's hockey equipment!!!!"

    28. "The pucks are in the garage."

    Flickr: neilkod / Via Creative Commons

    29. "If you aren't good, Santa might never bring you a House Hippo. Believe me — you want one."

    30. "Why are you so sticky? Were you pouring the maple syrup on your pancakes or on your hands?"

    31. "Don't you put it in your mouth! (Though it might look good to eat and it might look good to taste)."

    32. "When I was a kid, Franklin wasn't this weird computer-animated garbage."

    33. "Of course I can read your homework! I went to French Immersion too, you know. It says... ermm... bonjour? Nevermind, ask Madame."

    34. "I love you forever."

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