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25 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Visit The Maritimes This Summer

Natural East Coast beauty + lobster = book a ticket.

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1. Because you can see horses in windswept fields.

Just chillin, being majestic.

2. And incredible rock formations at the Hopewell Rocks.

Go at low-tide to literally walk on the ocean floor.

3. Because you can immerse yourself in Acadien history at Village Historique Acadien.

And maybe have the cutest family photo-shoot.

4. Because they don't make sunsets like this just anywhere.

It's almost too much beauty for the eyes to handle.

You might need shades.

5. Because the wildflowers are lovely.

6. Because you can visit quaint and colourful Lunenburg.

And soak up the history at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Because you can take a romantic stroll along the Sydney boardwalk.

Time it perfectly to a stunning sunset for maximum romance.

8. Because there are rustic lighthouses dotting the coastline.


9. Because you can get your Anne of Green Gables on in P.E.I.

Bonus points if you wear the hat.

10. Because you can actually visit the Green Gables house that inspired the setting in the famous books.

While wearing your Anne of Green Gables hat, of course.

11. Because there are gorgeous hiking trails.

Just hiking along and then BOOM. Breathtaking waterfall.

12. And a stunning country landscape.

Complete with Top Model-ready livestock.

Fierce, Cow. FIERCE.

13. Because you can sail a ship.*


**Actually, always check with a ship's owner before you try to sail it.

Oh, and it's advisable to actually know how to sail a ship before taking the wheel.

14. Because some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada can be found in the Maritimes.

So have yourself a #beachday. Or 2. Or 7. FINE. Spend ALL SUMMER at the beach.

17. Lobster in a roll WITH fries.

Though you probably won't eat the fries.

18. Lobster in your grilled cheese.

21. Lobster in cups.

You know...just for a snack. A snack cup. Of lobster. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Booked your ticket yet?