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    19 Reasons Why We've Become Obsessed With Tatiana Maslany From "Orphan Black"

    There's only one original.

    In case you have yet to be introduced, this is the AMAZING Tatiana Maslany.

    And here are only some of the reasons we've fallen in love with the uber-talented Canadian actor:

    1. She stars on Orphan Black (are you watching? You should be watching) as multiple characters.

    2. And the most incredible part about that is that she stars as multiple ultra-believable characters.

    3. Her accents are on point.

    4. When the Emmys finally recognized her genius, she thanked fans like a lovely human being she is.

    #CloneClub & #clonesbians, this bud's for you. Thanks buddies :)

    5. Actually, she's just all-around awesome with the #CloneClub.

    6. Her Instagram is full of treats like this:

    7. And this:

    8. And her perfect travel pics will give you wanderlust.

    9. But she doesn't forget about what her homeland has to offer.

    10. Oh yeah, and she has great #TB game.

    Because look at her child-self.

    11. Any crew she's in basically becomes instant #SquadGoals.

    12. Like the rest of us, she still loves Ninja Turtles.

    13. And rejoiced at the news that there will be a Space Jam sequel.

    #SpaceJam2????? They got the real jam going down AGAIN!? I'm so very happy.

    14. This happened and she was a part of it.

    15. She understands that it's the little, delicious things in life.

    16. She's not afraid to show her fan girl side.

    When @TheBruun and I met @ScottAukerman and were very normal about it #SDCC2015

    17. Or goof off on set.

    18. Her and Tom Cullen are almost too cute together, especially on Twitter.

    My girl is the best girl @tatianamaslany #Emmy

    We're with you, Tom.

    19. And finally, she's just an all-around brilliant actor and human. The end.