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28 Simple Reasons To Fall In Love With Victoria, British Columbia

Can you make it through this post without booking a ticket?

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1. A walk along the incredible Inner Harbour.

A waterfront stroll is all it takes to be enchanted.

2. Swimming in Thetis Lake.

Especially if swimming in the ocean isn't your thing. Victoria's got you covered.

3. Flowers!

The streets are basically dripping in flowers. AND the flowers start to bloom in ACTUAL know, like, March. When the rest of the country is still covered in snow.


It is called The Garden City.

5. You can visit the original Rogers Chocolates.

The historic location opened in 1891.

6. And eat an obscene amount of Victoria Creams.

Because you're in the namesake city, after all.

7. If you're looking for a maritime feel, you can visit their lovely lighthouses.

8. And some of the best beaches in Canada.

9. They have buildings with really neat stories.

This pub used to be a bank. AND guess who worked there and lived above it? None other than Robert Service of The Cremation of Sam McGee fame.

10. You could stay in this impressive hotel.

And even have proper afternoon tea.

11. The climate lends itself well to growing and enjoying delicious local produce.

12. And pretty sweet fruit.

It really doesn't get better than BC berries!

13. You can go kayaking ON THE ACTUAL OCEAN.

14. The Parliament buildings light up at night.

And they look pretty magical, tbh.

15. It's a great place to take in Indigenous art.

16. And the city's street art is stunning.

17. Historic Chinatown begs to be explored.

18. And in it you'll find the narrowest street in all of Canada.

Fan-Tam Alley has a colourful past and is absolutely worth a visit.


OMG Red Fish Blue Fish has the best fish and chips.

20. While Koto Sushi has THE MOST DELICIOUS sushi.

21. There are ghost stories for days.

Just go on a ghost tour to hear all about the spooky hauntings. This is the Bedford Regency Hotel, and I found out during a ghost tour that I happened to be staying in their "haunted" room. It did not make for a great night of sleep.

22. You can visit a castle.

Craigdarroch Castle is a Victorian mansion that you can visit for an immersive historical experience.

23. Victoria has some crazy-good playgrounds.

Like Gyro Park at Cadboro Bay.

Where you might just spot the Ogopogo.

24. The talented street performers.

From May Long to Labour Day weekend, you'll probably find street performers along the Inner-Harbour. If you stick around, you'll be in for a great show. Make sure to tip!

25. Downtown Victoria can be ridiculously romantic — especially at night.

So grab your sweetheart for a stroll along the harbour.

26. Their parks are breathtaking.

Do your city parks look like this? Thought not.

Pack a picnic and head to Beacon Hill Park.

27. You can find actual enchanted forests there.

Like, gnomes and fairies are totally just hiding under those ferns*.

*Okay, maybe not.

28. And finally and most simply: It's just an incredibly charming city.

Need we say more?