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    Posted on Sep. 21, 2015

    15 Reasons Canadians Should Actually Be Happy It's Fall

    To sum up: It's not winter yet.

    1. We have some of the most beautiful fall foliage around.

    2. And you can walk on a magical carpet of maple leaves.

    3. Because your kids will love to play in those leaves.

    4. So will your dogs.

    5. There's a lovely urgency to soaking up the last of fall sunshine.

    6. And to embark on outdoor adventures.

    7. You can get lost in a corn maze.

    8. And go pumpkin picking.

    9. After, you can head to Tim's for pumpkin spice muffins.

    10. It might even be time for a cute tuque.

    11. Cities take on a new — and gorgeous — look.

    12. And everything just feels cozy.

    But most of all, now's the perfect time to remember that...

    13. doesn't look like this yet.

    14. Or this.

    15. OR THIS.

    Be thankful. Enjoy fall!

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