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    21 Times Old Quebec City Was Too Beautifully Quaint For Its Own Good

    La belle province indeed.

    1. When it looked like a bustling European village.

    2. When its side streets were full of charm.

    3. When stone buildings lining the stone-paved roads made the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll into the past.

    4. When it hung signs outside of its shops just like old times.

    5. When lanterns bobbed along tree-lined streets.

    6. And all of the streets were winding and inviting.

    7. When it was all romantical cobblestone everything.

    8. When this old square was the absolute perfect place to sit and read Victor Hugo.

    9. When a lovely blue door had 9 1/2 scrawled on its side.

    10. When this covered bridge gave off a perfect medieval ambiance.

    11. When yellow trimmings and wooden shutters were a match made in quaint heaven.

    12. When this window box was full of darling purple flowers.

    13. When fairy lights were artfully draped through an alley.

    14. When there was A FREAKING CASTLE off in the distance.

    15. When the city made you feel like you were in an old black and white movie — even without the Instagram filter.

    16. And then when it was riotous with colour.

    17. When it came alive at night.

    18. When even the back alleys were full of character.

    19. When the street art was on point.

    20. And finally, when it completely and totally transported you back in time.

    21. Because Quebec City could convince you that it was the most charming place to be.