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23 Photos Canadians Will Instantly Relate To

Good and bad. [Insert crappy Tim Hortons bagel].

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1. When you check the weather and decide that you've always wanted to be a hermit anyway.

Instagram: @tylerstapleton

2. When you want to eat organic during the winter but your bank account says no.

Instagram: @organickidz

4. This intensely frustrating occurrence.

5. Scraping the INSIDE of your windshield.

Instagram: @cadence

6. When Tim Hortons finally nails the cream cheese to bagel ratio.

Instagram: @meags_baskin

And, you know, burns the crap out of your morning sustenance.

7. When you just needed to make two boxes of KD. (OK, maybe three.)

Instagram: @erincharter

9. When you see this and weep sweet, sweet maple syrup tears:

Instagram: @thelittlemooreshop

10. This craft that you most definitely made in elementary school.

11. Trying to slurp up the last bits of your Iced Capp.

Instagram: @chuckle_ss

12. The "sales" you've come to expect from Canadian Tire.

Instagram: @tannermccracken40

13. This view at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Instagram: @pfarb

14. The cake that you've eaten during at least one Canada Day BBQ.

Instagram: @adventuresinhealthbykelley

16. When you forget to bring the lawn furniture in... For, like, three months.

Instagram: @stellafurquim

17. When the Canadian weather gods give you an extra fridge.

Instagram: @angelaloneill

18. How it feels to be a Canadian online shopper.

Instagram: @sheriannemiller

Plus, that's actually $120 shipping CANADIAN.

Plus custom fees.

Plus FML.

19. Your daily exercise.

Instagram: @shannon2186

No need for Rumba.

21. Your personal collection.

22. When you just want your Double Double.

Instagram: @melissamandy

23. But finally, this promising sight:

Instagram: @georgesw98

Ah, home.