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    15 People Who Are Definitely Not On The Drake Train

    "Hotlines don't bling, they blink." Via Whisper.

    1. Someone who thinks Drake could get the early-bird special at Denny's.

    2. This person who is hung up on the details:

    3. Someone who can't live with their own feelings.

    4. Someone who wouldn't be swiping right if Drake was on Tinder.

    5. This person who thinks there should be one less member of Drake's team.

    6. Someone who thinks Drake's fashion choices belong in a low-budget Gotham City.

    7. This person who probably would want Drake to burn his tongue.

    8. This person who probably shouldn't watch Drake videos anymore.

    9. This person who is questioning Drake's decision-making skills.

    10. Someone who's outing Drake as an Aubrey.

    11. Someone who will never let Drake forget his past.

    12. Someone who is less than worried about his musical output.

    13. :(

    14. This person who speaks with conviction.

    15. And this person — who has one fly grandma, apparently.

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