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16 Things Only Parents Obsessed With Chapters/Indigo Know To Be True

#ForTheLoveOfReading. And buying adorable and totally necessary kids' stuff.

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1. If you're a Canadian parent who frequently shops at Chapters/Indigo, you know that on top of books, you can buy completely ridiculous, but insanely adorable, newborn outfits there.

Instagram: @lo_u_ve

You know, that your baby will wear once for a photo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. And you can find onesies that are perfect for dressing up your future hipster.

Instagram: @princesskimmy85

3. You can introduce your kids to your own — and first!— favourite childhood authors.

Instagram: @nayoung

4. Chapters/Indigo is a legit outing with your little ones because it's not shopping, really... it's playing!

5. ... and reading. WITH ELSA.

6. Storytime is FREE — and it gives you something to do when the kids say "I'm bored" for the zillionth time that day.

Instagram: @tysonja

7. When you suddenly realize it's Father's or Mother's day tomorrow and you haven't bought anything for your partner, Chapters/Indigo has your back.

Instagram: @enduresundaymorning

8. You can even get a little ~inspirational something~ for yourself.

Instagram: @brandonfoy18

When the kids are up at 5:30 am on a Sunday, this mug will remind you of the important things in life.

9. You can secretly find the craziest (and most fun) birthday gifts for your kiddos here.

Like a friggin *Plasma Car*

10. Surrounding your kids with books is a stupendous way to encourage reading.

11. And it's never too early to let people know you have a future book lover on your hands.

12. Parents everywhere: Chapters/Indigo has THE SOFTEST stuffies.

Instagram: @yumeng

I'll take one of each.

13. Where surely one of them could be your baby's first best friend.

14. You can buy adorable photo-op props to mark those important milestones.

Instagram: @bearsbee

15. If you're still in the "spending way too much on organic diapers" stage, you'll love the selection.

Instagram: @soymatcha

16. And finally, you can pretend you go to Chapters/Indigo for your kids... when really it's totally for you.

Instagram: @readingsparkles

"Um, yeah... of course mommy bought these toys for you, sweetie."