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10 Times "Murdoch Mysteries" Dropped Historic Easter Eggs

Detective Murdoch really should have patented these.

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1. When Murdoch invents a lie detector test.


In: Still Waters

He calls it a Numograph, but it functions as a lie detector test. It's unleashed on a team of rowers when one of their number is murdered, though it doesn't identify the crafty killer.

2. When Murdoch gets a fax.


In: Monsieur Murdoch

Channeling 1996, Detective Murdoch uses a paint-by-numbers system to receive information and translate it into a photograph. He calls in a telefacsimile.

3. When Murdoch devises a UV light.


In: Murdoch Night in Canada

In order to identify a murder weapon, Detective Murdoch uses "chemi-phosphorus luminescence" to find blood on a hockey stick. Unfortunately, they all have blood on them. As Inspector Brackenreid says, "It's a tough sport."

4. When Murdoch creates a motion-detector camera.


In: Murdoch On The Corner

A murderer is shooting people after knocking on their doors, and Detective Murdoch invents a primitive security camera to catch the killer.


5. When Murdoch uses Sonar.


In: Confederate Treasure

In the midst of a case investigating potential political ties to the American Civil War, Detective Murdoch invents the "Graphizer." The machine uses sound waves to detect the distance of objects underwater, which sounds pretty similar to today's Sonar technique, eh?

6. When Murdoch makes a silencer.


In: The Black Hand

Inspired by another inventor's efforts to muffle the sound of internal combustion motors, Detective Murdoch crafts this attachment to help solve a mysterious shooting in which no one heard the shot. He calls it a "muffler" but Constable Crabtree says that "silencer" has a better ring to it — perhaps he's right.

7. When Murdoch wiretaps.

CityTV / Via

In: Dial M for Murdoch

When telephone technology is still in its infancy, Detective Murdoch uses a recording device to wiretap the phone calls of a group of criminals to get the intel needed to catch the gang.

8. When Murdoch designs a bulletproof vest.

CBC / Via

In: Big Murderer On Campus and Murdoch On The Corner

Early 20th century crimefighting gets Murdoch and Crabtree in a lot of sticky situations — lucky for them, they have Toronto's first bulletproof vest on their side.