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    16 Times Tumblr Hilariously Nailed Growing Up In Canada

    You're still waiting for your House Hippo.

    1. On trendsetting:

    2. On going the distance:

    3. On -35 degree Celsius days:

    4. On stealing your parents' Canadian Tire Money:

    5. On accepting our true selves:

    6. On the things that haunted your dreams:

    7. On the most important question:

    8. On losing trust in everything:

    9. On getting lost in translation:

    10. On doing your FLA homework like:

    11. And on solid French Immersion education:

    12. On childhood lessons:

    13. On subliminal messaging:

    14. On the biggest elementary school struggle:

    15. OK, actually THIS was the biggest elementary school struggle:

    16. And on humble beginnings:

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