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17 Tweets About The Canadian Dollar That Will Make You LOL, Then Cry

Let me see you get lowwwwww.

1. On cutting corners:

Seriously @TimHortons ? I know the #CanadianDollar has fallen but I didn't expect my chilli's bun to be 50% less.

2. On having the upper (American) hand:

I paid a $3.34 ONroute tab with a US $20 bill. The change due? $25.06. It feels like they paid me to take their food. #CanadianDollar

3. On singing the pain away:

Shawty get low low low low low low low low low #CanadianDollar

4. On saving up:

The way the Canadian dollar is going maybe this will be more valuable. #canadiandollar

5. On becoming a KD-getarian.

$5.79 Canadian for celery. I can no longer afford to buy vegetables. #Canada #Canadiandollar

6. On the bright side:

Gas is at 68.9 in Spruce Grove... now you can afford cauliflower for dinner. #CanadianDollar

7. On getting through the tough times:

When a bottle of white wine is cheaper than grapes. I guess I'm celebrating the next recession in style. #canadiandollar #toronto #notmad

8. On math:

The plus side of the #CanadianDollar decline, is Nickel Back is down to just 3 1/2 cents Back.

9. On foreign exchange:

10. On doing the right thing:

We might as well laugh at our dollar ! #canadiandollar

11. On economics:

LOL GOT EM 😂😂 💰 #Canadianproblems #canadiandollar

12. On inflation:

"Woah! The value of my house went up by $200,000!" "Yeah but so did a carton of milk. Those cows are ballin' son" #Canadiandollar

13. On financial priorities:

14. On harsh realities:

Remember when people were complaining about the price of gas? Now everyone be like... Whoa. Whoa. To cheap! #canadiandollar

15. On paying it forward:

Just gave a worthless #CanadianDollar to a homeless guy and he chucked it at a Pomeranian. We both laughed.

16. On comfort:

You know the #CanadianDollar sucks when the bank offers you free @Astroglide before withdrawing #American money.

17. And, finally, on our American brethren helping us out:

...But you can help! For only pennies, you too can give some Canadian what they desperately need: One Canadian Dollar. #canadiandollar