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24 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Canadian Elementary School Flashbacks

Playing in a snowbox during recess.

1. Cubbies stuffed with winter armour that were always dripping wet.

2. The unofficial national school uniform: a snowsuit.

3. Praying it would be warm and dry out on Terry Fox Day.

4. Math Circus and teachers using a computer to bribe you to learn.

5. The closest to a castle you have and will ever come.

6. If you were a French Immersion student or in Quebec, this bringer of nightmares.

7. The school sandbox being covered in snow, naturally turning it into a snowbox.

8. Your first Canadian sugar high from a field trip to DIY syrup popsicle.

9. The couple you counted on most in French class.

10. Feelin' like a stud in your Northern Getaway sweatshirt.

11. School was cool, but you retained the most from 60-second commercial snippets.

12. Outdoor hockey and soccer baseball: Frozen toes in the winter, sore toes in the spring.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 25466217@N07

13. Getting into ~The Zone~ after school.

14. The most trusted and beloved man on TV.


15. Your super nutritious lunches.

16. Duotangs: The flimsiest non-binder binder.


18. Hearing whispers in the school yard about this urban myth... And anxiously wanting to try it at home.

19. Making one of these patriotic bad boys.

20. Having to say a prayer every time you went down a hill on, essentially, a yoga mat.

21. (Or, if you were fancy, one of these.)

22. The joy when somebody's mom brought these to hockey and/or soccer practice.

23. Your go-to power point presentation.

24. And the best government-sponsored "snack time" snack of all time.