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22 Things That Would Be Different If Disneyland Were In Canada

Mickey Moose.

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1. All the characters would have parka costumes for winter.


2. And wearing the big, hot costumes would be the top-choice job for cast members from like October to April.

3. Mickey Mouse would be Mickey Moose.

Sorry, but it's true.

4. Instead of those felt caps with Mickey ears, you'd be able to buy Mickey-eared toques.

Which would be antler-toques.

5. Splash Mountain would be a tobogganing ride called Frostbite Mountain.


7. The monorail would be a giant snowmobile.

8. The famous Mickey bread bowls would be filled with poutine.

THINK about it. By the time you're done your fries, some of that delicious gravy will have seeped into the yummy sourdough and it would be SO TASTY.


9. The park strollers would come with optional studded tires.

For an extra $10.

10. Instead of the ghost bride in the Haunted Mansion ride, you would see a spectral Lizzie Borden.

11. Mounties would be featured prominently in Frontierland.

12. In the summer they would stock those little personal fans, but during winter you'd be able to buy Grabber Toe Warmers.


13. There would be a tribute statue and plaque to the original Canadian bear named "Winnie" outside the Winnie the Pooh ride.

14. The Matterhorn would be called Mount Logan and the yeti would be replaced with a giant-ass grizzly bear.

16. Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes would be renamed Samuel de Champlain's Explorateur Canoes.


17. There would be a David Suzuki show in Tomorrowland.

18. Instead of drifting inside Monstro the Whale at the beginning of the Storybook Land Canal Boat Ride, you would travel through the Ogopogo.

19. The "Paint The Night" parade would have to be seasonally timed and adjusted: It would start at 10 p.m. from May to August, and at like 4 p.m. from September to April.

20. When it snowed, guests would see Olaf on shovelling duty.

21. The moose from Brother Bear would have its own Wooly Mammoth Adventure ride in Toontown.

22. Instead of feral cats roaming around, there would be hundreds of Canada Geese.


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