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12 Ways "Today's Special" Was The Most WTF Kids' Show Ever

Hocus Pocus Alimagocus!

OK, it's time to state the obvious: Today's Special is a national treasure.


It was an entertaining and educational show for '80s and '90s kids... BUT it was also totally crazy.

1. The show's whole premise was a lady hanging out with puppets, a mouse, and an enchanted mannequin in a department store every night.

TVO / Via


2. Remember that childhood fear you had that creepy mannequins were actually just waiting to reach out and grab you? This show completely fed into that.

TVO / Via

Because they DO come alive.

3. Jeff's entire ability to be alive depends on his magic hat.

TVO / Via

And it comes off SO EASILY.

4. Everyone wore the same clothes in every episode.

TVO / Via

In early episodes, Jodie wears a brown pantsuit, but then she switched it up to this pink-on-pink outfit every time. Jeff's a mannequin, yet he's perpetually stuck in that early '80s vest.

THEY WORK IN A DEPARTMENT STORE that, presumably, sells clothes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. The random Mother Goose in the intro.

TVO / Via

Just 'cause.

6. Then there was Muffy, aka bringer of nightmares.

TVO / Via

Somehow, as kids, we all accepted this creep-fest.

7. And that mime lady who dressed like an infant.

TVO / Via

She was so weird! And random! And her outfit is disturbingly infantile.

8. Really, any time an adult was dressed as a baby.

TVO / Via

The pacifier in the mouth just adds so much unpleasantness to this situation.

9. From time to time, we also got these out-of-the-blue cartoon interruptions.

TVO / Via

Which were so oddly out-of-place.

10. That guy being responsible for security.

TVO / Via

When the blush on Sam's bulbous nose and cheeks obviously suggest he's stashing a mickey of gin in his coat.

11. And TXL — the intelligent computer.

TVO / Via

2001: A Space Odyssey had been out for a WHILE, so clearly we should have been aware of the dangers of artificial intelligence.

12. And don't forget about Muffy's house.

TVO / Via

The mouse just lives there. And the humans KNOW ABOUT HER. And yet, she has this tricked-out house in the middle of the store. WHAT'S GOING ON?????

BUT even if Today's Special was a little out-there, life just wouldn't have been the same without it.

TVO / Via

Because it pretty much was your childhood.

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