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    22 Things Canadians Have Always Wondered About France

    Es-que vous pouvez nous aider?

    1. Is Gérard Depardieu in Every. Single. One. of your movies?

    2. How do you make fruit tarts taste so perfectly amazing?

    3. We learn about the French Revolution in Social Studies. Do you learn about the War of 1812?

    4. Have any of you read Bringing up Bébé?

    5. How does it feel to have basically a billion days of vacation every year?

    6. Do you know anyone who lives in a chateau?

    7. How many baguettes do you eat in a month?

    8. How do you ever find enough willpower to NOT buy everything in a patisserie?

    9. Have you ever eaten frog legs?

    10. Or andouillette?

    11. Is wine really cheaper than water over there?

    12. How come you always look so good?

    13. Does it hurt your soul when tourists butcher the French language?

    14. Do you ever find that you spontaneously start singing "Little Town" from Beauty and the Beast?

    15. Is Le Petit Prince a source of national pride?

    16. Is listening to Québécois French kind of like when British people listen to Anglo-Canadians speak English?

    17. How do you really feel about the Eiffel Tower?

    18. This is actually Beauxbatons from Harry Potter, isn't it?

    19. If you aren't from Paris, do you take ~these pictures~ when you visit?

    20. And do you also have ~this photo~ of the Mona Lisa?

    21. Do you have vacation spots in the South, just like Canadians have cottages in the country?

    22. And finally, when can we come visit?