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22 Things Canadians Have Always Wondered About France

Es-que vous pouvez nous aider?

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12. How come you always look so good?

gabomezenquin / Via

Like, even just to run to the patisserie?


14. Do you ever find that you spontaneously start singing "Little Town" from Beauty and the Beast?

citybestviews / Via Instagram: @citybestviews

15. Is Le Petit Prince a source of national pride?

It should be.

16. Is listening to Québécois French kind of like when British people listen to Anglo-Canadians speak English?

antiques_etc / Via Instagram: @antiques_etc

19. If you aren't from Paris, do you take ~these pictures~ when you visit?

pan_vladyk / Via Instagram: @pan_vladyk

20. And do you also have ~this photo~ of the Mona Lisa?

mervepostalcioglu / Via Instagram: @mervepostalcioglu

21. Do you have vacation spots in the South, just like Canadians have cottages in the country?

journeyintolavillelumiere / Via Instagram: @journeyintolavillelumiere

22. And finally, when can we come visit?

laura_laura__laura / Via Instagram: @laura_laura__laura

And we're not JUST coming for the baguettes... Well, not all of us.