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Sorry, But 11 Reasons Why Dudley The Dragon Was Better Than Barney

Can you shout like a dragon? YES WE CAN.

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6. Dudley faced problems — poisons, trolls, hazardous balloon rides — you name it.


It wasn't all hugs and "I love you, you love me, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

So it set kids up with slightly more realistic life expectations.

7. While Barney only had more — *yawn* — dinosaur characters, Dudley had Mr. Crabby Tree.


That's right, kids. Negative feelings do, in fact, exist. And who better to demonstrate than Mr. Crabby Tree?


9. Furthermore: The plot lines in Dudley were way more epic than in Barney.

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Like, we're talking Dudley and his friends trying to save a snowman from melting while inadvertently damaging the ozone layer and stopping spring from ever coming to the Enchanted Forest. Then, they have to fix the ACTUAL ATMOSPHERE.

What did Barney do today? Oh, he played with some beach balls.