17 Hilarious American-Canadian Differences, According To Tumblr

    "Is it just zoo or zedoo?"

    1. Are we the hat or are they the shorts?

    2. It's really the subtle things...

    3. Like our priorities.

    4. And sometimes our vocabulary.

    5. Or, like, how our big brother sometimes has NO CHILL.

    6. NONE.

    7. But, granted, we get cranky sometimes too.

    8. When America isn't looking, Canada does stuff like this.

    9. Until they realize how good it is up here... sans Donald Trump.

    10. And then they ask about "Canadian" Thanksgiving. Or, as we know it as "Thanksgiving."

    11. At least Americans have been generous to us.

    12. But we still have kind of a different world view:

    13. Like, America should always come first right?

    14. States vs... What are those things called again?

    15. Of course, at first glance, our national animals don't seem to embody the same values.

    16. But at least we agree on one thing.