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    Posted on Feb. 29, 2016

    15 Of The Craziest Fan Theories About "Orphan Black" On Tumblr

    And make it that much harder to wait for April 14. *Warning, spoilers ahead.

    Orphan Black's season 3 finale left us with a few questions — OK, A LOT of questions. Could these theories give us much-needed answers??

    1. What was with that worm?

    2. Is the worm not really a worm but like... a symbol?

    3. Or was it a suicide worm?

    4. Who the F shot Delphine?

    BBC / Via

    5. No, seriously though, WHO WOULD SHOOT DELPHINE?!

    6. WAS IT SCOTT???

    7. IS SHE EVEN DEAD?? Delphine! Come back to us, Delphine!

    BBC / Via

    8. Yes, she was, y'know, HIT BY A TRAIN. But is Beth really dead?

    9. They look SO alike? How will we ever know?!

    BBC / Via

    10. Were the clones EVER supposed to survive?

    11. Yeah, like, who's really keeping tabs on all this?

    12. Is Beth the master orchestrator?

    13. Why can't the Neolutionists just leave Helena's baby/babies alone?!

    14. And finally: OMFG.

    BBC / Via

    Season 4 of Orphan Black kicks off Thursday, April 14 at 10 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America.

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