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    21 Things Every Canadian Experiences On A Road Trip

    "Um, yeah. Hi...I'll have an extra-large double-double, please."

    1. If you've ever travelled across Canada by car, you know that this is always the first stop:

    2. On your journey, you'll take your photo with at least one giant object.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: patio

    Like this super-sized Muskoka Chair in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

    3. In fact, looking for stellar and random photo-ops will become a top priority.

    4. This will be the snack of choice for your journey:

    5. And when it's hot, you'll be getting one of these:

    6. There will come a point when this has been your view for at least three hours:

    7. Broken up only by the odd grain silo.

    8. You'll stop at some little side-of-the-road diner where you'll eat the BEST burger of your life.

    9. You'll grumble about the gas prices as you leave Alberta.

    10. You'll take *this* picture standing in front of a majestic mountain:

    11. Your ears will pop as you head into or out of the Rockies.

    12. Once you get to Ontario, it will feel like you've been driving through it for days*.

    13. You'll stop for local treats.

    14. Or a lobster roll from McKelvie's in Halifax.

    15. You'll take a photo with every welcoming province sign you pass.

    And now Manitoba!

    16. At some point, there will probably be a ferry in your life.

    17. You'll finish your timbits and then wish you had a Wet Wipe.

    18. After driving for eight hours, you'll happily pull into one of these.

    19. You'll try to get photos of the amazing Canadian wildlife.

    20. And you might see some things (from a safe distance — like, in your car) that you've never seen before.

    21. But more than anything, you'll come away with a renewed realization of just how beautiful this country is.

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