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22 Things Only People Addicted To Patio Season Will Understand

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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1. You're ALWAYS up for a patio.

It's not even a question, really.


3. You know that anything above 5° Celsius is patio weather.

And no one can tell you otherwise.

4. And that you can't properly open patio season without one of these bad boys.

Tradition must be observed.

5. When you and your friends are wandering around for a good space to drink, THIS is the holy grail.

6. Because rooftop patios are the lords of all patios and should be treated as such.

7. And if you find a rooftop patio WITH ITS OWN ROOFTOP BAR, you'll never leave.

In fact, you've staked out patio space early with the intention of never leaving. Friends just rotate in and out.

8. Friday after work means it's time to get your butt immediately on a patio.

So does Saturday and Sunday. Oh and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. What? During lunch hours, obviously...

9. When someone asks you if you plan on spending a lot of time outside this summer:

10. Finding a new—and little known–patio is like finding buried treasure.

11. And even the smallest space can still be deemed a patio.

Is it outside? Can you get beer there? We're good.

12. The unspoken rule is that if there's a patio, day drinking is totally acceptable.

And if you're on a patio without a drink, are you really on a patio?

Mind. Blown.

13. Slushy drinks are the most optimal for patio day-drinking. The slushier the drink, THE BETTER.

Adult slurpees.


14. Although a caesar is a solid choice too.

15. But really... If it comes in a pitcher, you're ordering it.

16. Aggressive patio-goers know that it's all about the finger food. Fork and knives need not apply.

17. Your Instagram feed is filled with the ubiquitous "patio photo".

Formula for optimal "patio photo": You + your drink, photo taken by the person sitting directly across from you.

Bonus points for sunglasses.

18. Brunch = mimosas on a patio.

Eggs Benedict are optional.


19. You've learned to be careful of what you wear on a patio.

Or you've learned to apply sunscreen.

Always wear sunscreen.

20. But you'll never stop talking about how great patios are because, really, everyone loves patios.

Babies love patios. Start them young.

21. During the summer months in Canada, patios become your second dwelling.

A truer statement could not be made.

22. Because let's face it, they're your natural habitat. You were bred to drink under the sun in an elevated open public space.

It's going to be a great season.