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21 Back-To-School Style Inspirations From Extremely Stylish Canadians

Because fall fashion is the best fashion.

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So you're back on campus, and you don't want to resort to sweats just yet. / Via

Channeling our inner Cher.

So here's some inspiration to keep your back-to-school fashion game on point:

1. Pull on a trench coat with spectacular hardware.

2. Pair simple neutrals for an anything-but-boring result.

3. Make a T-shirt confession.

4. Whether it be your existence as a mermaid or your love for snacks.

5. Embrace your inner kid and strut through the halls in overalls!

6. Impress your prof with a scholarly bow-tie.

8. Try all-over black for those days when you just DON'T want to go to class.

And a sweet outfit might brighten your mood.

9. See also: Neutral tones.

10. You're probable going to have to — gasp — wear a coat to school, so make it a statement piece.

11. Fall is the time for BOOTS! Layer them over jeans and look instantly polished.

12. Don't let rainy days get you down — accessorize them.

13. Denim-on-denim will always read casual and trendy.

14. A pop of rich colour under neutral layers is a fab fall look.

15. Spicy orange, plaid, AND fringe? Perfection.

16. Seriously, if you weren't already aware, fall + plaid = love.

17. Since you have to carry your books in something, make your backpack a sleek part of your look.

18. Like, opting for a fringed bag.

19. OK, OK...maybe this is a bit glam for school. But look at those rich greens. And that skirt 😍! And that tassel necklace 😍!

Who cares if you're just going to class? Rock it anyway.

20. Layer something unexpected for a winning combination.

21. Because remember: Comfortable can be crazy stylish.