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Play Our Canadian "Never Have I Ever" Drinking Game — You'll Probably Lose

And be very, very drunk. We warned you.

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The rules:

∙ Read the statements.

∙ If you've done them, drink.

1. "Never have I ever run into someone without saying sorry."

2. "Never have I ever spent days searching for DNS codes to get American Netflix."

3. "Never have I ever cried during an "I Am Canadian" commercial."

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4. "Never have I ever jumped out of the hot tub and made snow angels in my bathing suit."

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sammyjo

5. "Never have I ever totally convinced my American friends that House Hippos are a legit endangered species in Canada."

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6. "Never have I ever actually sung along to Nickleback in the car."

7. "Never have I ever gone through a Tim Hortons drive-thru on a snowmobile."

8. "Never have I ever gotten drunk and put on a pretty convincing performance of Skinnamarink. Complete with actions."

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9. "Never have I ever spent more money than rent on a Canada Goose parka."

10. "Never have I ever bought an entire box of strawberry jelly Timbits. For myself."

Come here, my pretty.
Creative Commons / Via Flickr: calgaryreviews

Come here, my pretty.

11. "Never have I ever dug through a garbage can for a Tim's cup because I forgot to roll up the rim."

No rim must go unrolled.
Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jodigreen

No rim must go unrolled.

12. "Never have I ever held the door open for someone who was just a bit too far away for it not to become agonizingly awkward."

13. "Never have I ever double-dog dared someone to run through a department store, frantically putting hats on all the mannequins."

Because one might come alive.

Because one might come alive.

14. "Never have I ever engaged in 'fluent' conversations of my high school Franglais after one too many jello shots." / Via

Ananas taught me everything I know.

15. "Never have I ever tried to explain 'pop' to an American."

16. "Never have I ever stealthily disguised rum and 'mix' in reusable water bottles to bring to a bonfire."

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hbaxter

17. "Never have I ever had a close encounter of the ...moose kind."

*Actually though, keep your distance.
Creative Commons / Via Flickr: piper

*Actually though, keep your distance.

18. And finally, "NEVER have I ever had an actual snow day.", actually NEVER. We're Canadians. A little snow doesn't stop us.

If you have, cheers to you.