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21 Breathtaking Alberta Hikes To Do This Summer

Because our backyard is one of the most beautiful places in the world to explore.

1. Alder Trail

2. Lake Agnes Trail

3. Sulphur Mountain Trail

4. Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

5. Aylmer Lookout

6. Wilcox Pass

7. Sentinel Pass

8. Elk Pass

9. Helen Lake

10. Buller Pass

11. Nigel Pass

12. Tonquin Valley

13. Hayburger Trail

14. Rae Glacier Hike

15. Lillian Lake

16. Mount Allan Hike

17. Lower Galatea Lake Hike

18. Pocaterra Cirque

19. Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park

20. Akamina Parkway

21. Red Rock Canyon Loop

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