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21 Breathtaking Alberta Hikes To Do This Summer

Because our backyard is one of the most beautiful places in the world to explore.

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1. Alder Trail

1.6 KM

Alder Trail is an easy loop hike in Bragg Creek—perfect to soak up the great outdoors without dealing with burning calve muscles later.

2. Lake Agnes Trail

6.8 KM Return

The Lake Agnes Trail hike, also known as the Teahouse Hike, is a moderate hike with spectacular views of Lake Louise. If you plan on visiting the Teahouse at the summit, bring cash.

3. Sulphur Mountain Trail

5.5 KM

Sulphur Mountain Trail is a steep hike that rewards you with incredible views of Banff. No gondola required!

4. Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

5.8 KM

If you follow the Johnston Canyon trail to the upper falls and keep going another 3 KM, you will find the most marvellous mineral spring pools.

5. Aylmer Lookout

11.8 KM

Aylmer Lookout Hike is a day hike for strong hikers. The walk along Lake Minnewanka is a breeze compared to the steep climb beyond. Hikers will be rewarded with incredible views of the lake and surrounding mountaintops.

6. Wilcox Pass

12 KM

Wilcox Pass is a day hike near Jasper, Alberta. The hike is moderately difficult and hikers should be prepared for unpredictable weather. But incredible views of the Rockies await those who persevere!

7. Sentinel Pass

12 KM Return

Sentinel Pass is a day hike with steep switchbacks and glorious views of the Valley of 10 Peaks. This is a moderate level hike.

8. Elk Pass

11 KM Return

Elk's Pass is a day hike that begins in Alberta and ends in B.C. The hike has a moderate elevation and should be suitable for intermediate hikers. Those who want to camp near Elk Lake will find some wilderness campsites at the end of the hike.

9. Helen Lake

12 KM Return

This moderate hike takes you through lush forest with an incredible destination: Helen Lake, tucked away in the mountain range. If you time it right in the summer, you may even see fields of beautiful wildflowers.

10. Buller Pass

13 KM Return

Buller Pass is an advanced hike, taking you through forested areas, past a lovely waterfall, and up a steep pass where, if you make it through, you will be given a great view of the beautiful valley below.

11. Nigel Pass

17 KM Return

Nigel Pass is a great day hike for beginners. Hikers will find a relatively easy, scenic path near the Columbia Icefields. Once you make it to the pass, you will find gorgeous views of the Brazeau River.

12. Tonquin Valley

70 KM

If you're a backpacker looking to explore the Jasper area, the Tonquin Valley offers incredible scenery and trails that can take you on a week-long journey! A hike of this length should be attempted only by experienced hikers with proper training and safety equipment.

13. Hayburger Trail

10 KM

Hayburger Trail, in Elk Island National Park, is a fantastic walk through forests and meadows. This trail is a good place to view wildlife–you may even come upon a moose or plains bison over yonder.

14. Rae Glacier Hike

4.5 KM

This hike is moderate and takes you by Elbow Lake and on to the remains of Rae Glacier. You will find beautiful views of the lake and you can *carefully* explore the glacier!

15. Lillian Lake

12.6 KM Return

Crossing the Galatea Creek, this difficult hike has a moderate elevation and beautiful scenery. If you wish to make this an overnight trip, there is camping available at Lillian Lake.

16. Mount Allan Hike

16 KM Return

The Mount Allan Hike is a long and difficult day hike in Kananaskis Country — even for experienced hikers. But the challenging journey ends with breathtaking views of the town of Canmore and the surrounding Rockies.

17. Lower Galatea Lake Hike

16 KM Return

This moderate hike takes you through forested patches and past Lillian Lake towards Galatea Lake. The views from Lillian Lake and Galatea lake are worth your trip, and the path is studded with charming bridges.

18. Pocaterra Cirque

7 KM

The Pocaterra Cirque is a scenic hike with views of forests, meadows, and a lake. This is a moderate hike and is suitable for recreational hikers.

19. Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park

6 KM

Jump back to pre-historic times with a journey through Alberta's badlands. Trails in this provincial park will afford you impressive views of hoodoos.

20. Akamina Parkway

12.5 KM Return

This hike begins near Waterton in Alberta and crosses over the B.C. border. This hike is suitable for beginners and brings you through the Akamina Parkway to Wall Lake.

21. Red Rock Canyon Loop

.07 KM Return.

If you're looking for a nature walk in Waterton National Park, the Red Rock Canyon Loop is a great, though short, excursion. You will have stunning views of the canyon and the red rock it's named named after.