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The 13 Most Hilarious Moments From Rick Mercer's "Talking To American"

This show was such a gem.

1. When this professor at Columbia University signed a petition to discourage the Canadian government from abandoning our elderly on ice floes.

2. When Rick Mercer made a very good case for a visit to our "National Igloo".

Our national monuments deserve saving.

3. And then when this sweet old couple sincerely congratulated us on said igloo.

4. When this Harvard Professor thought the Saskatchewan seal hunt was "bad".

We concur.

5. When this Princeton Political Economy student congratulated Prime Minister "Horton" on his Double Double.

I mean, a double-double is the nectar of the gods. So maybe congratulations are in order.

6. When this man thought America should "absolutely" be bombing Saskatchewan.


7. When this British-ish man congratulated us on 800 miles of paved road.

We're on our way to civilization!

8. When "Canadark" was unanimously chosen as the best name for our new season.

It is a catchy name.

9. When this lady wasn't so sure about the idea of Canada being part of North America.

Sorry to disappoint you, but...well...this is awkward.

10. When this kid was too smart for Rick Mercer.

Outwitted, Mr. Mercer.

11. When David Hasselhoff showed his appreciation for "Baywatch Day".

Good thing Jean Chrétien was such a fan at the time.

12. When some Americans thought it would be "cruel" of us to pummel Caribou with Timbits.

It would be a cruel waste of good Timbits.

13. And finally, when Americans did us proud by singing a fantastic rendition of our national anthem.

We love you, siblings to the south.

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