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23 Places To Get The Most Mind-Blowing Ice Cream In Canada

Two scoops, please.

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'Tis the season, so we asked our fellow Canadians where to get the most unique, creamy, and downright dreamy ice cream across our great land. Without further ado, here's what they said:

1. Kawartha Dairy — Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Facebook: KDIceCream

"Kawartha Dairy makes the best ice cream! Everyone needs to visit the factory because they serve massive scoops for a decent price! You can also find parlours almost anywhere in Central/Southern Ontario and they sell it at some grocery stores."

— Submitted by Brontë Ratcliffe, Facebook

2. COWS — Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Facebook: COWSIceCream

"Everyone knows it's COWS in PEI. The perfect East Coast ice cream shop with glorious flavours like PEI Blueberry, Moo Henry, Wowie Cowie, and Don Cherry. Not to mention all the hilarious cow pun clothing. I still have a 'moo moo lemon' shirt from years ago."

— Submitted by Hannah Leigh, Facebook

3. Tickleberry's — Okanagan Falls, British Columbia

Instagram: @tickleberrys

"They have amazing in-house-made ice cream (including alcohol-infused kinds!) and they also make fudge, kettle corn and more. Plus they sell locally sourced kitschy items, like decor, jewellery, scarves and sauces/dressings!"

— Submitted by Alysha Williams, Facebook


4. Sweet Jesus — Toronto, Ontario

Instagram: @sweetjesus4life

"Seriously, they have insane types of ice cream including cotton candy (with actual cotton candy), red velvet (WITH CHUNKS of chocolate) and cookies and cream (with actual cookies)."

— Submitted by Vittoria Gibson, Facebook

5. Cold Comfort — Victoria, British Columbia

Instagram: @misscoldcomfort

" [They're] local and handmade. I love when they pair up with local breweries (Dark Matter ice cream sandwiches anyone????). They even do vegan ice cream, gluten-free ice cream sandwiches, or sugar-free ice cream, if that's what you need. Plus, they make new flavours everyday and they get super creative. Where else could you get an avocado, tequila, and cilantro ice cream?"

— Submitted by Kelsey Lauder, Facebook

6. Slickers Ice Cream — Bloomfield, Ontario

Facebook: slickersicecream

"It can't get better than Slickers Ice Cream. You can watch them make it at their factory down the street and they use real ingredients. For example, their Campfire flavour has roasted marshmallows in it and their Apple Pie flavour has (I think the number is) 30 whole apple pies in each batch. It's incredible. My mom and I have driven over an hour to Bloomfield just for ice cream."

— Submitted by Amanda Wells-Newell, Facebook

7. La Diperie — Montréal, Quebec

Facebook: ladiperie

"They only serve vanilla soft serve, but you can choose any chocolate dip and topping (my favourite is Hot Pepper with Peanuts or Lavender with Hazelnuts)."

— Submitted by Thomas David-Bashore, Facebook


8. Moo Moo's — St. John's, Newfoundland

Instagram: @alicescythe

"Made-by-hand ice cream in what used to be a convenience store but has now been remodelled and features cow spots on the outside."

— Submitted by Bethany Klassen, Facebook

9. Dairy Cream — Mississauga, Ontario!Banana split/zoom/mainPage/imagehne

"This place is legendary and only open during the summer. It's only open until 11pm but the place is FULL all the time with huge lines. Maybe that's because they have 25 different sundae flavours, use real cream and actual fruit, have soft serve AND scoop ice cream, smoothies and the most delicious thing on earth: funnel cake. Not to mention the really fun and unique atmosphere of tons of people happily chilling at picnic tables in the middle of the night eating ice cream!"

— Submitted by Gloria Fernanda O, Facebook

10. D Dutchmen Dairy — Sicamous, British Columbia

Instagram: @kdecaigny

"So many delicious flavours. My most transcendent ice cream experience. If you are anywhere near the Shuswap Lake, you need to stop by here!"

— Submitted by Erika Helset, Facebook

11. Village Ice Cream — Calgary, Alberta

Instagram: @villageicecream

"It's all made locally and it's artisan. The Earl Grey ice cream is possibly the most delicious thing I've ever had."

— Submitted by Tara Woods, Facebook


12. Rain Or Shine Ice Cream — Vancouver, British Columbia

Instagram: @rainorshineyvr

"Made from local ingredients with awesome flavours! On Tuesdays they make their incredible waffle cones into "tacos," with ice cream toppings galore! The best!"

— Submitted by Alyssa Hait, Facebook

13. Jackson's Ice Cream Float — Victoria, British Columbia

Facebook: jacksonsicecream

"Jackson's Ice Cream Float in Victoria, BC! All made locally! The soft-serve is the creamiest I've ever had and the Sea-Salt Caramel Scooped one is out of this world."

Submitted by — Christine Rousseau, Facebook

15. Hollywood Cone — Oshawa, Ontario

Instagram: @hollywoodcone

"Ridiculously delicious and they just came out with a line of gigantic shakes. I'd go there every day if I could."

— Submitted by Deanne Branchaud, Facebook


16. Bang Bang Ice Cream — Toronto, Ontario

Instagram: @bangbang_icecream

"They make the besssstttt Hong Kong waffle cones! They also have amazing ice cream sandwiches!"

— Submitted by Savina Mendonca, Facebook

17. La Cigale — Chelsea, Quebec

Facebook: LaCigaleIceCream

"Not too far from Ottawa and the perfect post-hike treat because it's right next to Gatineau Park. They have homemade waffle cones and it's one of the best places I've ever had strawberry ice cream!"

— Submitted by Tori Lake, Facebook

18. Made by Marcus — Calgary, Alberta

Instagram: @madebymarcus

"They use fresh ingredients and my favourite flavour has to be Passion Fruit Basil!"

— Submitted by Candy Chou, Facebook


21. Dutch Dreams —Toronto, Ontario

Twitter: @DutchDreams / Facebook: princessfaithe

"I love this family owned ice cream shop. The ice cream is homemade and delicious as hell. They always make my day when I go there, and even DRAKE and SPORTY SPICE have eaten there. With so many toppings, flavours, and good vibes, you can’t go wrong eating there."


23. Chocolats Favoris — Québec City, Quebec

Instagram: @chocofavoris

"It’s amazing ice cream you can dip in chocolate, but that’s not all — you can choose from 12 flavoured chocolates. It started in Québec City and now it has expanded to most provinces."


Note: Submissions have been edited for lengeth and/or clarity.

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