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18 Breathtaking British Columbia Hikes To Do This Summer

O, beautiful BC.

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1. West Coast Trail

75 KM

This extremely popular trail on Vancouver Island is for seasoned hikers and takes about a week to complete. It's a coastal trail with incredible views of the Island's wilderness.

*A note that this hike is only open seasonally.

2. Lighthouse Park Trails

6 KM together

These series of trails, found in Lighthouse Park near Vancouver, is great for those looking for a nice walk with gorgeous rainforest and coastal views. Don't miss the lighthouse (well, you can't really)!

3. Mount Gardner Hike

17 KM

This day hike is good for intermediate-to-advanced hikers. The path can be steep, but you will be rewarded with pretty views from Bowen Island.

4. Stawamus Chief Hike

11 KM

Stawamus Chief Hike is a day hike near Squamish, BC. It's a fairly strenuous climb up the mountain, but there are three different peaks you can visit and the views of Howe Sound are worth it.

5. Berg Lake Trail

23 KM

A popular trail for tourists and British Columbians alike, Berg Lake Trail is a beautiful backcountry route. The full trail is a good option for advanced hikers, while there are less strenuous and lengthy trails along the same route for beginners.

6. Butze Rapids Interpretative Trail

5.4 KM

In Northern BC, Butze Rapids Trail is the perfect little adventure if you're looking for an easier walk/hike. The trail takes you through splendid forests and you'll have a good view of the rapids.

7. Ancient Forest Trail

3 KM

Ancient Forest Trail, also in Northern BC, is really more of a walk than a hike, but you won't want to miss out on seeing the incredible ancient cedars along this route.

8. Burnaby Mountain

7.5 KM

There are a few trails on Burnaby Mountain that will give both beginner and intermediate hikers good options. All the trails meander through the lush forest, and you will see the totem poles if you make it to the top.

9. Panorama Ridge Hike

30 KM

Panorama Ridge is an advanced hike that is best done in two days. There are places to camp at Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows. On this hike, you will be treated to meadows of wildflowers and spectacular views of Helm Lake.

10. Black Tusk Hike

29 KM

Black Tusk is an advanced hike in the Whistler region of BC. As with the Panorama Ridge Hike, Black Tusk Hike is best completed in two days and camping is available at Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows. This hike has quite an elevation gain, but once you complete it, you will find a beautiful view of both Black Tusk and Garibaldi Lake.

11. Dog Mountain Trail

5 KM

Dog Mountain Trail is a good hike for beginners looking for a well-paced walk through the forest with a great view of Vancouver at the end.

12. St. Mark's Summit Hike

11 KM

This intermediate hike will take you through forest and meadows before you reach the peak of St. Mark's Summit. Stunning views of the surrounding mountains and Howe Sound are waiting for you at the top.

13. Crown Mountain Hike

9.8 KM

The steep trail of Crown Mountain Hike makes it best suited to advanced hikers. Hikers should use caution as they descend the steep slope towards Crown Pass — it's a bit tricky. But those who persevere will be rewarded with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and even the city of Vancouver (see above!).

14. Hunlen Falls Hike

16.4 KM

This two-day hike leads to Hunlen Falls, the 3rd highest waterfall in Canada. If you want to see the spectacular falls on foot, you'll need to complete this steep, switchback-filled, but beautiful hike. Camping is also available at Turner Lake.

15. Mount Albert Edward Hike

31 KM

Mount Albert Edward, in Strathcona Provincial Park, is a day or multi-day hike for intermediate to advanced hikers. The hike leads you through forest and alongside Circlet Lake for terrific views of Vancouver Island's backcountry.

16. Monkman Pass Memorial Trail

63 KM

Only advanced hikers should tackle Monkman Pass Memorial Trail. For those who are ready for one of the most challenging trails in Canada, the hike features stunning views of waterfalls, lakes, forest, and peaks.

17. Gibson Lake to Kokanee Glacier Cabin

8 KM

This day hike, located in Kokanee Glacier Park, is a solid choice for intermediate hikers. The trail winds through forest and backcountry and leads to the Kokanee Glacier Cabin.

18. Glacier Crest Trail

5.5 KM

This hike, near Golden, BC, is also a good one for intermediate hikers. The trail takes you through forest and hillside. At the top, you find a mouth-dropping view of Mount Sir Donald.