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    9 Tweets That Prove Calgary's Mayor Nenshi Is Winning At Twitter

    #BestMayor #KillingIt

    Calgary's Mayor Nenshi was named THE WORLD'S BEST MAYOR.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    He's also pretty fantastic at Twitter.

    And though he has a serious job, he knows how when to loosen up.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    A king of Twitter needs a decent tiara...

    His replies to haters are on point.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    Stay calm. Be witty.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    Nenshi—helping people grow.

    And he appreciates his followers' excitement.

    Twitter / Via

    Nenshi understands the important role he plays to Calgarians...and the world.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    Brad Pitt is missing out.

    His tweets have made him a Calgary pop-culture phenom.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    Lol Nenshi Nouns.

    And he's just generally down with what's cool.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    In touch with today's youth.

    And at the end of the day, Nenshi just really loves Calgary. And it comes across great on Twitter.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @nenshi

    Nenshi <3 Calgary. Calgary <3 Nenshi.

    Nenshi is winning at Twitter. The future looks bright.

    The Toronto Star Amy Dempsey / Via


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