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    16 Things To Do With Overripe Bananas

    Bananas are full of energy, potassium, vitamin B, fibre, and even tryptophan (yes, the same stuff in turkey that makes you happy and sleepy), but once they get too brown, who wants to eat them? Here are a few recipes for those overripe bananas.

    1. Banana Pops

    2. Banana pancakes

    3. No-bake Banana Cheese Cake

    4. Date, Coconut, Banana Granola

    5. Banana Cookies

    6. Banana Pudding

    7. Frozen Banana Bites

    8. Fig, Oat, Banana Smoothie

    9. Banana Bread

    10. Banana "ice cream"

    11. Banana Creme Brulee

    12. Banana Muffins

    13. Banana Cream Pie

    14. Banana Crackers

    15. Grilled bananas.

    16. Banana and Fromage Blanc Grilled Cheese Sandwich