How Much Do You REALLY Know About Motorcycle Safety?

Even though riding a motorcycle is thrilling, enjoyable, relaxing and exhilarating it can also be risky. As with most things in life, being prepared is the key to staying safe and avoiding accidents. With the right information, you ride easy knowing how to react if your safety as a rider is ever put in jeopardy. Check out our Motorcycle Safety Trivia Quiz, made with hand-picked questions from go-to safety resources. How much do you really know about motorcycle safety? Find out!

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  1. What percentage of all road accidents include a motorcycle?

  2. One of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists occurs when:

    Cars are making left hand turns
    Motorcyclists are making right hand turns
    Motorcyclists are waiting at red lights
    Cars start to move after stopping at a stop sign
  3. When someone tells you to "ride defensively" as a motorcyclist, what exactly do they mean?

    The best way to learn is to have experiences with poor drivers on the road
    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst
    Drive mindfully as though you are invisible
    Both B and C
  4. 37% of motorcycle accidents are caused by:

    Running red lights or stop signs
    Underestimating spacing between a rider and other vehicles
    Not keeping eyes on the road
  5. Before a rider can truly analyze the risks they take on the road, they must:

    Pass a high-level motorcycle safety course
    Consider the consequences of each of their actions on the road
    Decide which protective gear they want (and don't want) to wear
    Gain experience as both a car and motorcycle operator
  6. What does it mean to have a "margin of safety" as a motorcyclist?

    Create a "margin" of at least 20 feet between your bike and the vehicle you are riding behind
    Create a "margin" of at least 20 seconds stop-delay time between your bike and the vehicle you're riding behind
    Take necessary precautions to prepare for a safe ride each time you head out on your bike, so you can allow for a smaller margin for accidents to occur
    Create time and space - try to get a feel for the necessary stopping times and the amount of space you’ll take up and still be safe if you were to suddenly be forced to brake unexpectedly. Essentially, just prepare
  7. The sticker you should look for that means a helmet has met federal safety requirements and approval is:

  8. The best way to memorize the pre-ride inspection checklist is:

    PWB - Parts, Wheels, Body
    TWE - Tires, Wheels, Engine
    T-LOCS - Tires, Lights, Oil, Chassis, Sidestand
    T-CLOCS - Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis, Sidestand
  9. Where exactly is the 'throttle' located

    Next to the left foot
    Next to the right foot
    On the right hand grip
    On the left hand grip
  10. What is the clutch lever meant to be used for?

    Driving power from the engine to the rear wheel
    Increasing brake pressure on the rear tire
    Implementing low-speed turns
    Carrying out high-speed turns
  11. True or False: A bike's shift pattern varies among motorcycle models.

  12. For what situation is the friction zone primarily used?

    Stabilizing the feet during stops
    Alleviating pressure on the brakes during sudden stops
    Enabling control when starting up after a stop
    Initiating high speeds after being stopped
  13. One part of the motorcycle is where most of its stopping power comes from. Which is it?

    Front lever
    Front brake
    Engine displacement
  14. When a motorcyclist is present, road lanes are typically split into:

    They aren't typically split
  15. When passing over an obstacle, the best tip to remember is:

    Slow down as you approach
    Speed up as you approach
    Lean forward and apply more pressure to the handlebars
    Rise off the seat
  16. What does the phrase "overriding headlights" mean?

    Riding too fast with inadequate lighting at night
    Riding without a functioning high beam headlight
    Headlights of upcoming cars are aimed improperly
    Your high beam headlight is aimed improperly
  17. Let's talk about linked brakes. What exactly are they?

    Brakes that won't lock up
    Brakes that both engage when either is initiated
    Brakes that adjust automatically to different surface and terrain conditions
    Brakes with a link running between them so they won't wear out as easily as most other brakes will
  18. The road's surface is most dangerously slippery when it first begins to rain. Why is this?

    The tires of a the motorcycle are still dry when engaging with the wet road
    This is the time when drivers pay the least attention to increased safety precautions, as they may not realize the increased risk right away
    At this time, water mixes with dirt and oil, making for a dangerous combination
    At this time, muddy conditions start to form, making for bumpier terrain that is both more uncomfortable and unsafe to ride
  19. If you get a flat tire while you're riding and have to stop, the best thing to do is:

    Shift your body weight away from the flat tire toward the good one
    Brake toward the good tire and carefully steer toward the roadside
    Relax your control on the hand grips
    Stop as soon as possible, using both brakes equally
  20. While alcohol affects all forms of rider operation, two of the following affect motorcyclists the most. Which are they?

    Vision and judgment
    Judgment and balance
    Coordination and balance
    Vision and hearing
  21. In the US Motorcycle Safety Course Program, what does SIPDE stand for?

    Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute
    Speed up, Identify, Predict, Determine, Enter
    Speed up, Initiate, Propel, Decide, Enter
    Scan, Initiate, Propel, Determine, Execute

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Motorcycle Safety?


Oh no - looks like you need to brush up on your safety knowledge! Try signing up for a course, or visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's website at to get more familiar with the rules of the road and what you can do to stay safe.

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You got every question right! Keep those moto safety skills polished and up-to-date by visiting on a regular basis...we need more riders like you to keep others informed, educated, and prepared when it comes to staying safe on the road!

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