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    • cyberninjasio

      This argument is tired. Incest is illegal due to the fact that the offspring of an incestual relationship are often possessing higher and higher levels of genetic defects until eventually the offspring are incapable of producing live children and before that point they are often very deficient in various areas be that mental or physical ones. It’s an old social rule put in place to protect the species and as the human social unit evolved from family groups to towns and nations it became a law to not marry/have sex with your immediate family members. However, it should be noted that while many people might find first cousin (your parent’s sibling’s child is your first cousin) marriages incestual, it actually is legal to marry/have sex with your first cousin in many places. Including about 20 states in the USA, which means there is more support for a form of incest than gay marriage. As for why bestiality is illegal, it’s the same as pedophilia. One party is not capable of informed consent. Neither an animal or a child possesses the necessary ability to understand what is happening or what will happen in a sexual situation or its aftermath in order to be able to give informed consent. Two consenting same sex adults, however, can give informed consent and do not risk creating genetic “throwbacks” as occurs in a incestual relationship, thus comparing same sex marriage as being equitable to incest, pedophilia, or bestiality is patently absurd. The closest remotely comparable argument is polygamy and, frankly, when you consider that despite it being illegal in all 50 states, there’s still televised programming involving polygyny families (Sister Wives) without prosecution in the USA and that the term “polygamy” is an umbrella term for “polygyny” (1 man, many wives: supported by the bible!), “polyandry” (1 woman, many husbands: not supported in the bible), and “group families” (many husbands, many wives, such as in communes) but in practice is often only referencing polygyny, the arguments as to its legality or lack thereof are difficult to substantiate on a “in practice” basis. After all, there are many laws out there which are on the books but not enforced.

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