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    I Ranked "The OC" Couples From Worst To Best So You Don't Have To

    I hope we all know which one's coming last.

    Note: This post contains references of domestic violence. Please continue at your own discretion.

    35. Marissa and Volcheck

    marissa and volcheck about to kiss

    34. Oliver and Natalie

    oliver stands next to natalie/marissa and they both are scared

    33. Taylor and Dean Hess

    taylor stands behind dean hess

    32. Teresa and Eddie

    31. Seth and Anna

    seth kisses anna's hand

    30. Julie and Frank

    julie and frank hold hands over a dinner table

    29. Julie and Luke

    luke and julie look at one another

    28. Ryan and Taylor

    taylor sitting behind ryan as he drives a car

    27. Trey and Jess

    trey and jess kiss

    26. Kirsten and Jimmy

    kirsten and jimmy smile, looking up

    25. Sandy and Rebecca

    24. Caleb and Gabrielle

    23. Julie and Lance

    julie points her finger at lance

    22. Luke and Holly

    21. Marissa and DJ

    marissa with hands on dj's shoulders

    20. Marissa and Luke

    marissa and luke kissing

    19. Caleb and Julie

    caleb and julie getting married as a priest stands between them

    18. Julie and Jimmy

    julie and jimmy on a boat, about to kiss

    17. Ryan and Sadie

    ryan and sadie in a booth at a diner, laughing

    16. Johnny and Kasey

    kasey annd jonny stand in a school hallway talking to marissa

    15. Taylor and Henri Michelle

    14. Julie and Neil

    nell has his arm around julie, they stand in front of a pool

    13. Summer and Danny

    summer laughs while she stands next to danny

    12. Jimmy and Hailey

    11. Ryan and Teresa

    teresa and ryan walk through a field while holding ice cream

    10. Julie and Bullit

    bullit talks to someone while julie stands next to him

    9. Kaitlin and Will

    will looks straight ahead and kaitlin looks at him lovingly

    8. Kaitlin and Justin

    justin and kaitlin smiling

    7. Seth and Alex

    alex and seth kiss

    6. Summer and Zach

    summer and zach share a milkshake

    5. Marissa and Alex

    alex and marissa look at each other

    4. Ryan and Lindsay

    ryan and lindsay looking at each other while walking through school hallway

    3. Sandy and Kirsten

    sandy and kirsten look into each other's eyes

    2. Ryan and Marissa

    ryan and marissa kiss

    1. Seth and Summer

    seth and summer sit with their arms around each other