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14 Pets Dressed Up As Superheroes

These cuddly crime-fighters are primed to sink their teeth into the forces of evil. And by "forces of evil" we mean your good slippers, natch. Watch urban vigilante Oliver Queen rain justice down on Starling City in Arrow, Wednesdays at 9/8c , only on The CW.

1. The Pugvengers

2. The Dog of Steel

3. The Purr-ld's Finest

4. The Bark Knight

5. Or: Dogman Begins

6. Super dog to the rescue!

7. And Robin the Rabbit Wonder

8. Ready to fight crime!

9. Supergirl patrolling the streets

10. A Hero Like No Other

11. Always On The Lookout

12. Wearing His Cape With Pride

13. Have You Been Working Out?

14. Up, Pup And Away! It's Wonder Dog!