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11 Iconic American Products That Are Now Mostly Made Overseas

Nothing is more American that baseball, blue jeans, and apple pie. Except, almost all those things are not primarily manufactured in America anymore. You can help keep the American workforce going strong by signing this petition from the Communications Workers of America.

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While there still are some baseball companies manufacturing on American shores, the official baseballs used by the MLB have actually come from a factory in Costa Rica since 1986.

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The first blue jeans were made in San Francisco in 1873, and they have been an iconic American fashion since, but the largest American manufacturer of jeans began to move their production facilities overseas in the 1990s, and stopped making jeans in America altogether in 2003.

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Although its predecessors date back to the 1930s, the first true automobile to be called a minivan was made in America, and instantly became a big hit with soccer moms across the country. However, because of a waiver to the Buy America Act, most minivans are no longer manufactured in America.

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Everyone has owned at least one pair of the classic high-top, rubber-soled canvas sneakers in their life. Up until 1997, these iconic kicks were still made in America, but now they are made in Indonesia.

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For a long time, the steel industry was the backbone of the American economy. (We've even got an NFL team named for it.) These days, most steel manufacturing has moved overseas.

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