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Here’s How To Get At-Home COVID-19 Tests From CVS At No Cost

Healthier Happens Together. Learn more about at-home COVID-19 tests and order yours today!

Feeling under the weather? Planning a trip? Getting together with friends and family? You're probably looking to get yourself an at-home COVID-19 test. That's where CVS can help!

Woman holding COVID rapid test

At-home COVID-19 tests are now available at no cost at CVS. Many insurance plans cover these tests and you can get up to 8 at-home COVID-19 tests at no cost every 30 days!

Hands performing a rapid antigen test

With the CVS online ordering tool, you can order up to eight tests online and pick them up in store.

Someone using phone to request an at-home COVID-19 test through CVS

What kinds of tests are we talking? Well, there's a variety of rapid antigen tests, including Abbott BinaxNOW, FlowFlex, and Quidel QuickVue.

Rapid antigen tests

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So if you want to gather responsibly, use the CVS online ordering tool to get your at-home COVID-19 tests! Click here to learn more about at-home tests.

You must be enrolled in an eligible health plan. Restrictions vary by insurer. At-home COVID-19 tests may not be covered by all plans. Please check with your insurer to confirm. Please note that while you may be eligible for up to 8 tests every 30 days, inventory may be limited. CVS is not accepting returns of at-home COVID-19 tests. Defects with the product should be directed to the product manufacturer. At-home COVID-19 tests are excluded from all coupon discounts and promotions, including ExtraBucks and CarePass Rewards.