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18 Deals From The CVS All In On Skin Event That Are Too Good To Pass Up

Bringing you the best deals from CVS for your skin, including deals on sensitive skin products.

The CVS All in on Skin Event is here and it's time to stock up on your skincare faves and deals for sensitive skin! When you spend $35 on select skincare products you'll get $15 in Extrabucks rewards. That's really too good of a deal to pass up 💄.

You do have to be an Extracare member to take advantage of the sale, so be sure to sign up here before you shop (membership is free)!

CVS has partnered with SkinSAFE to identify over 250 products that are made without common allergens and irritants, so be sure to also download the free SkinSAFE app and look for products at CVS and CVS.com tagged sensitive friendly.

The SkinSAFE app gives you info on beauty and skincare products and whether they're made with any potential allergens or irritants in real-time; so those with sensitive skin can shop safely. You can instantly scan products or quickly search through the database of thousands of skincare buys for the info you need.

Download the SkinSAFE app for iOS here or through the Google Play app.

1. Spend $35 on Pixi facial products like a hydrating glow mist and get $15 back in Extrabucks rewards. This mist is paraben-, phthalate-, and formaldehyde-free.

a bottle of glow mist surrounded by a floral wreath

2. Soothe sensitive skin with select Aveeno products — such as a gentle foaming cleanser — for Extrabucks rewards.

the foaming cleanser with a pump

3. Save on ROC's full line of products and find deals on faves like a restorative night cream, ROC hydrating eye cream, and more.

4. Give your skin a new level of glow and SPF protection with Neutrogena water gel sunscreen while it's buy one get one 40% off. It's safe for all skin types and packed with hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture.

the sunscreen showing a lightweight gel texture

5. Make sure your skin and hair stay moisturized and luscious with deals on Shea Moisture's curl enhancing hair smoothie or African black soap. Shea Moisture's products are gentle, fair-trade, and made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural extracts; and the entire line is eligible for spend $15 earn $35 Extrabucks.

6. Save on the dependable Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser when you stock up on Cetaphil products for Extrabuck rewards.

the bottle of gentle skin cleanser for face and body

7. Buy one Neutrogena rain bath and get one 40% so you can have plenty of your favorite scents on hand.

8. Help clear away breakouts with deals on maximum-strength Oxy pads; which are packed with salicylic acid to unclog pores, cleanse oil, and prevent future breakouts.

the Oxy pads

9. Stock up on Olay beauty bars while they are on sale to keep dry skin moisturized and soft in the shower.

10. Earn extrabuck rewards on Aveeno's daily moisturizing lotion, This formula is safe for those with sensitive skin and absorbs quickly.

the bottle of fragrance-free lotion

11. Earn EB on Bliss's entire facial line including products for sensitive skin, such as a clean toner that's free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, artificial fragrance and color, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

12. Get $15 Extrabucks back on every $35 spent on Urban Hydration moisturizers. Add these to any skin-care routine and let the power of aloe vera, castor, and other skin-safe ingredients work their magic.

13. Give yourself a quick skincare glow-up with Pixi glow tonic treatment. This toner exfoliates with glycolic acid and has promising reviews from users in search of a gentle toner, plus you'll receive a $10 CVS Gift Card for spending $25 on select products.

a bottle of the toner with the toner splashing

14. Buy one Old Spice body wash and get one 50% off for a classic scent and squeaky-clean showers.

15. Spend $35 on Neutrogena acne products, like two-in-one Neutrogena pore cleanser mask, and get $15 Extrabucks backs. This versatile pore cleanser can be used as a daily face wash and an intensive mask for breakouts.

the clear pore cleanser and mask

16. Spend $35 get $15 EB back on Aquaphor products that are sensitive-skin friendly, like a two-pack of lip repair for severely dry lips.

the two-pack of lip relief

17. Stock up on unscented Vanicream to safely moisturize and help eczema, psoriasis, and other sensitive skincare woes. Vanicream is sulfate, phosphate, and gluten-free, and non-comedogenic (won't block pores), and it's eligible for spend $35 get $15 EB back!

a tub of Vanicream with a pump on the top

18. And keep plenty of cooling strawberry mint Olay body wash on hand to help soothe dry and eczema-prone skin because these babies are two for $12.

Looking for even more skincare savings? Check out the entire All in on Skin Event for even more (spend $35 get $15 Extrabucks) deals, and don't forget to sign up for ExtraCare for access to this event!

And remember to check out the free SkinSAFE app because we love comprehensive and real-time info on skincare for sensitive skin! 💋

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