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8 Personalized Photo Gifts From CVS That Everyone On Your List Will Love

Turn your favorite memories into thoughtful presents!

Looking for personalized presents to give your friends and family this holiday season? Check out the photo gifts from CVS! If you're in a hurry or looking for a last-minute gift, there are 50+ same-day photo gifts. Plus, there are 100+ card designs available, meaning there's something for everyone on your list. Also, there are new offers and savings every single week. Here are a few of the best items you can score:

1. A high-quality Photo Puzzle that makes piecing your favorite memories back together way too fun!

Family photo puzzle

2. A creative Photo Mug that'll take you right back to your greatest trip, party, or family day every time you drink your morning coffee.

Ceramic Happy Camper mug

3. Canvas Photo so you can hang up those heartwarming images of your friends and family.

4. Some Photo Prints that you can put on the fridge, send in a card, or keep inside an album.

Boys, their fathers, and their grandfathers in photo collage prints

5. A Custom Photo Book to capture the best of times and travels.

Travel photo book featuring couple

6. A classy Two-Sided Bamboo Ornament so you can decorate your tree with your favorite moments.

The front and back of a bamboo ornament with a family on one side and a Christmas tree pattern on the other

Price: $19.99

7. A festive Photo Card to share holiday greetings with the people you love most.

Photo card that says

8. These easy-to-hang Wall Tiles that look amazing in any room. No nails required!

So what are you waiting for? Order cards or a personalized photo gift from the CVS app, online, or at one of CVS's 8,000+ locations today! Sharing holiday cheer has never been so easy.