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    The Lizzie McGuire Movie Drinking Game

    Take a drink every time one of these things happens and by the end you'll be able to speak Italian.

    Whenever you see a famous historical landmark

    i.e. the colosseum, trevi fountain, spanish steps, panthenon, etc.

    Whenever Paolo is driving some sort of vehicle

    When you see Lizzie's double ring

    She was such a trendsetter.

    Whenever Gordo looks at Lizzie longingly

    Whenever Kate is nice

    Whenever anyone mentions spaghetti or carbs

    Whenever Ms. Ungermeyer is sassy

    Whenever someone is on the roof

    Whenever two Italians decide to speak in English to one another

    Whenever there are fireworks

    I mean literally not figuratively.

    Whenever Paolo calls Lizzie "carina"

    Whenever Gordo covers for Lizzie

    When you see this girl

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