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    8 Problems Only People Who Are Good With Names Understand

    It's not my fault that I listen when you introduce yourself.

    1. When someone says "What's your name again?", you feel obligated to say it back.

    "Oh, haha yeah I forgot your name too."

    **mentally thinking: You just told me your name yesterday of course I didn't forget it.

    2. Then you get slightly offended that that person couldn't remember your name

    If I can remember your name, you should be able to remember mine.

    3. You don't understand how Starbucks baristas get everyone's names wrong

    4. You know the names of everyone in your office or classroom by the first week

    You may not even be actively trying to learn them, it just sticks in your brain.

    5. Name game icebreakers are incredibly easy for you.

    You hear them name once and you won't forget it. It's also hard for you to understand people who struggle with them so much.

    6. You constantly fear you'll call someone by their name that you've never met.

    Whether you browsed on their Facebook or heard their name in passing, you don't want to creep anyone out.

    7. You actually remember the people you meet at parties.

    When you meet someone at a party (no matter how intoxicated) you tend to remember their names. However, this is not true for basically everyone you've ever met a party so you're never sure how to approach the name situation if you see them later on.

    8. Embracing your super awesome memory.

    Everyone should just be in awe of your talent because you can make someone feel important just by remembering their name.

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