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15 Signs That You Are Obsessed With Your Dog

Obviously your dog is better than everyone else's.

1. You talk to them when no one is around.

2. You're actually pretty sure that your dog is a person.

3. You have so many nicknames for them.

4. No dog can ever be as cute as yours.

5. You justify it when they deny your affections.

6. You refer to them as a member of your family.

7. You stare at your dog while it sleeps because it's so cute.

8. People think you talk about them too much.

9. You let them walk all over you.

10. You take your dog on vacation with you.

11. You don't hang out with people because you don't want your dog to be alone.

12. You are as excited to feed them as they are to eat.

13. You find it necessary to celebrate your dog's birthday every year.

14. You imagine what it would be like if you and your dog were on Adventure Time.

15. You provide your dog with the love and loyalty that your dog provides you.