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Problems With Anti-Feminist Stuff.

Yup. I'm going there.

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4. I am actually getting confused?

Feminism IS about *equality*. 'I accept the fact that people will have opposing opinions, and i don't insult then for it!' You know, by MAKING this and calling out feminist as scary or whatever, is kinda insulting us? There is a patriarchy- just because you've got male friends who respect you means you've got good friends. There are A TON of guys (and girls) who are horrible, sexist people. They aren't my friends. I wouldn't be friends with someone who doesn't respect me. So, if you wanted your point to come across, you should change that to "Almost every guy I encounter treats me with respect". Finally, HOW do feminist scare you? Why are we scary? You are mistaking feminism for 'MISANDRY', which is a thing, k?

5. Yeah, there are double standards. We know.

(this was saved to an antifeminist page) FEMINISTS KNOW there is a double standard. Again, you're mistaken with MISANDRY. Jeez. If you're gonna make a post about anti-feminism, MAKE SURE IT *IS* ABOUT FEMINISM.

6. This passive-aggressive anti-feminist comic.

The reason behind 'Women's only' gym is because (generally, basically the majority) of women get catcalled and whatnot. It's not nice, it's SO uncomfortable and disgusting. Like you're just lifting weights or jogging or whatever and this person you don't even know just says something ugly like oh, nice boobs. Like. What even.

9. Everything in this.

Person 1: NOT a feminism, what ever her username says- is a VERY VERY extreme misandrist

Person 2: Islamophobe (see 8, which starts off ok, then...); blatant to sexism, racism, homophobia etc. (see 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 4). They also make a few seemingly good points that end up in hate or sexism or something like that (1, 6, 7, 8, 9) And some very obvious hypocrisy (3, partly 2 AND MORE!!).

14. K, this is the end.

this is just my second thing, so I hoped you liked it or something. For anyone who didn't get it, the meaning of feminism, it's someone who believes in equality for EVERYONE.

Some people call themselves feminists because they do not know the meaning. Often times, 'third-wave' feminists are confused with misandrists. Thank you.

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