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The 14 Cutest And Most Surprising BFFs In The Animal Kingdom

It has been said that opposites attract. Well, fortunately, it's no different for animals— although it IS way cuter. Enjoy these adorable animals while eating Cuties Clementines, the cute you can eat.

1. Oh deer! Well this is unexpected.

2. What's this? Oh, you know... just the fluffiest love story of all time.

If the love between a dog and a baby goat is wrong, who would want to be right?

3. This curious kitty cat that wants to tell her new hedgehog friend a secret.

Oh, not too fast little kitty — there will be plenty of time to swap secrets later.

4. Who knew that the answer to the long-lasting cat and dog divide was watermelon?

These two friends did.

5. These two friends love everything about each other. Even how they taste!

All right you two... save some room for dinner!

6. These buds bonded over how one of them is named after a pig and the other one looks like a pig.


7. This hyrax always has its tortoise BFF's back.

8. These cats made friends with a species we have not yet classified.

Whatever this species is, it's really stinking cute.

9. This pup is BFFs with this alien, and it'll straight up tell you if you ask.

OK, you caught us... It's not really an alien.

10. This raccoon is a total bandit.

It stole this kitty's heart, and the ransom is 1,000,000 hugs!

11. Some say sloth is a sin.

12. BFFs are always there to lend a helping hand (or flipper).

This friendship has our seal of approval.

13. A game of Duck, Duck, Goose is for friends.

A game of Duck, Duck, Cat is for BEST FRIENDS.

14. And this pug and his totally real unicorn suitor.