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15 Animals We Just Want To Squeeze

They're so cute, you'll want to just reach through your screen and squeeze 'em. Just like Cuties Clementines, except you don't need to reach through a screen to get one — you can go to the store instead!

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1. Sometimes you just need something cute to get you through the day.

2. It may be a dog that's trained to snuggle and gladly abides.

3. Or maybe a cat that knows what he wants, and what that is, is a petting.

4. But a pug puppy winking at you ALWAYS helps.

5. As does a kitten that needs to work on his pouncing.

6. Or a bird that's ready for her close-up.

7. What's that? You still don't feel like these animals are cute enough?

8. How does this kitten that simply can't stay awake make you feel?

9. Are you even ready for this baby elephant experiencing the sea for the first time?

10. You're definitely not ready for these dogs that think they're human babies.

11. Oh, too much cute for you? It's okay, we're almost done here.

12. Here's a kitten that forgot how to kitten.

13. A Shiba Inu that just wants to show you how well his tap-dancing class is going.

14. And a squirrel that doesn't want you to have dirty ears.

15. Are you convinced yet? Is this puppy that just can't deal with it anymore you?

It is. We believe you are sufficiently convinced that these animals are so cute they are worthy of squeezing.