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    Grizzly Bear

    He is 37 lbs and loves to sleep on your chest. When he is ready to play he will bring his toy right up to your face.

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    Oliver 2

    He loves playing with these Q-tips and being wrapped in a blanket like a baby!

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    Misha 6


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    Moka 3

    She is an amazing energetic Austrailian Shepherd

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    This is my little bundle of joy. She's four this year and I've loved her since she was a little ball of fluff.

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    Bacon loves his dog toys and knows the names of all of them when we ask him to get one.

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    Violet & Benjamin

    Violet the corgi loves her new friend, Benjamin! He is just 4 weeks old and loves "baths" and cuddles from his new canine bestie.

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